Securing your network with managed network security is the first layer in protecting your data from cyberthreats.

We service the Laurel and Hattiesburg area in South Mississippi. See how managed network security firewalls and access points keep your network running smoothly and protected from bad actors.

Continuous Monitoring

Managed network security firewalls actively monitor network traffic, analyzing data coming in and out of your systems. 

By leveraging preestablished rules and filters, they keep your systems protected against external threats and unauthorized access.

If you’re in a Health Care related industry, get in line with industry regulation requiring the use of technical security measures to prevent network intrusion.

Virus Attack Prevention

Firewalls serve as a crucial defense against virus attacks.

They control system entry points, stopping viruses from compromising your digital operations. Preventing virus damage is essential to maintaining system health and avoiding immeasurable costs.

Hacker Deterrence

As businesses shift toward digital operations, hackers become more active.

Managed firewalls prevent unauthorized access to your data, emails, and systems. They either stop hackers completely or make them choose easier targets, safeguarding your critical assets.

Spyware Defense

In today’s data-driven world, stopping spyware is vital.

Firewalls act as a blockade against malicious programs that infiltrate your systems, control computers, and steal data. By preventing spyware, they enhance overall security.

Privacy Promotion

By proactively safeguarding your data and your customers’ data, managed firewalls build an environment of privacy and trust. 

Demonstrating commitment to data protection can be a competitive advantage and a selling point for your business.

Almost every business exchanges data over the internet. Using NIST and becoming PCI compliant can instill confidence in your customers that they are cared for and that the data they give you is secure.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Support

VPN service offers secure, encrypted connections for remote work, ensuring your data remains private and protected.

With role-based access control and scalable network capabilities, it’s an ideal solution for businesses needing remote access to systems and data.

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