Burton Computer Resources’ mission is to provide every small and medium business with the opportunity for growth and profitability by offering a best-in-class IT department to implement technology solutions thoughtfully and securely.

See what managed IT services in Hattiesburg Mississippi can do for your business.

Unlock Collaboration and Productivity with Microsoft 365

We can help you navigate the M365 landscape and get you the right tools for productivity and collaboration.

Elevate your workflow with Microsoft 365—your all-in-one solution for unparalleled productivity. Collaborate effortlessly, secure your data with robust protection, and access your work from anywhere. Microsoft 365 is not just software; it’s the key to unlocking your team’s potential.

Simplify IT with Fixed-Rate Expertise

Say goodbye to the hassle of staffing and training IT personnel. Our managed service offers you a team of seasoned technicians at a predictable cost. We’re committed to ensuring your software and hardware run smoothly, so your operations don’t skip a beat.

Based in South Mississippi, we’re always ready to show up and get to work. Leave the tech troubles to us and save your business valuable time and resources.

Our team is ready to tackle your tech problems. We provide local, in-person support without outsourcing. If you need us, we’ll be there. A small office with just one or two workers won’t be able to handle IT issues quickly.

Fortify Your Digital Assets with Managed Cybersecurity

Elevate your security posture with our Managed Cybersecurity Services.

Experience the power of Privileged Access Management—keeping your most sensitive data under lock and key. With Multi-Factor Authentication, add an extra layer of defense against unauthorized access. Our Managed Detection and Response service vigilantly monitors your systems, swiftly neutralizing threats before they escalate.

Get in step with industry regulations like HIPAA or the IRS guidelines for accountants, securing peace of mind and continuity for your business in an unpredictable digital landscape.

Shield Your Business with Advanced Firewall Protection

Secure your network’s gateway with our Managed Firewall Device—your first line of defense in business cybersecurity. Enjoy comprehensive Network Monitoring that watches over your data flow, ensuring every byte is accounted for.

Our firewall isn’t just a barrier; it’s a vigilant guardian, crucial for safeguarding your business’s network and data. With us, security isn’t an afterthought—it’s the foundation of your digital peace of mind.

Eliminate Downtime with Proactive Device Monitoring

Keep your devices up to date and secure with timely notifications and proactive IT maintenance.

Get scheduled patching, updates, and life-cycle monitoring for your end user devices. Benefit from enhanced security, reduced downtime, better compliance, and efficient IT management.

Develop Operational Resiliency with Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure your business’s resilience with our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Our automated, secure backups and comprehensive disaster recovery plans offer data redundancy, version control, and off-site storage, guaranteeing business continuity, compliance, and cost savings.

With our protection, you can have peace of mind knowing your digital assets are insured against any disaster.

Create A Path to Success with Strategic IT Project Planning

Effective IT project planning is crucial for businesses. Our meticulous approach ensures cost efficiency, strategic alignment, risk mitigation, and the right technology fit.

With our expertise, you’ll achieve results and propel your business forward.

Save Time and Money with Streamlined IT Procurement

Leverage our expertise and deep vendor relationships to get the right technology for your business.

We provide tailored solutions to meet your IT environment optimizing for cost and scale. We’ll make sure the hardware you purchase aligns with your strategic goals, meeting both your day-to-day and long-term technology needs.

As the premier provider of managed IT services in South Mississippi, Burton Computer Resources brings experience and efficiency to your small business. We are right here in your neighborhood ready to be your small business IT department.

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