What is ITGate?

ITGate is a managed firewall service which provides you with a hardware-based firewall installed at your connection to the Internet.    This service provides content filtering, gateway anti-virus and malware filtering, intrusion prevention, and optional secured wireless connections for users in your office.  Burton Computer Resources monitors, maintains, repairs, and replaces the firewall as needed. All for a predictable, affordable fixed fee.

How does it work?

Burton Computer Resources selects an appropriately sized firewall model for your office, then configures it according to your needs (Wi-Fi access, VPN access, multiple VLANs, etc.).  It is then installed into your network room.  At this point all your Internet connections are filtered and scanned for virus and malware types of traffic. 

What is included?

Firewall hardware, configuration, installation, network monitoring, firewall updates, and assistance with your Internet connection provider.  The firewall is updated and maintained regularly, and automatically.  Should the firewall become damaged or inoperable, it is immediately replaced.  In the event of an Internet outage, we deal directly with your Internet provider, so you don’t have to. 

Why does my business need ITGate?

Do you have a firewall, or are you using the “router” your Internet provider installed?   What type of network protection does it provide?  In addition to your anti-malware, anti-virus software installed on your computers, ITGate provides additional virus and malware filtering at the Internet connection!   Most Internet routers are configured with default passwords and are never changed.  Hackers know this. ITGate provides a layer of protection against these intruders.  Do you accept credit cards in your business?  Do you have medical information about patients?  Let us help protect your information, and you handle your business!  We want to make your technology work with you, not against you!

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